Auta Compact 2-Wire Telephone

Digital phone. It can be installed in any Auta digital 2-wire system. Measures 79 (w) x 217 (h) x 50 (d) mm. DING DONG function (house bell). Surface mounting. External functions (lights, garage, etc ...). Call volume selection. AUDIO HD system. Selection of melodies. Auto-ignition function. Selection of the number of rings. Door sensor function.
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Auta Compact 2-Wire Telephone


Digital phone. It can be installed in any Auta digital 2-wire system.


  • Measurements 79 (w) x 217 (h) x 50 (d) mm
  • DING DONG function (house bell)
  • Surface mount
  • External functions (lights, garage, etc ...)
  • Call volume selection
  • HD AUDIO system
  • Melody selection
  • Auto-ignition function
  • Selection of the number of rings
  • Door sensor function


call and conversation

When a call is received from the entrance panel, the monitor begins to sound for a maximum time of 30 seconds. As a standard, it makes 4 rings with intervals of 4 seconds between each of them. During the call period the image appears on the screen, the user can open directly, pressing the button, or lift the handset to establish a conversation. The conversation has a maximum of 90 seconds. If you want to continue with the conversation, you must press the button.

auto start

By pressing the button, the user will be able to establish communication with the desired ENTRY PANEL / CCTV CAMERA in case there is more than one in the installation. With each press, the system will automatically switch to the next device, displaying the image and allowing it to be opened by pressing the button.

call volume adjustment

To adjust the volume of the call, insert a paper clip or similar through the indicated hole and press lightly. The monitor has two volume levels (MEDIUM and HIGH)

melody selection

To select a ring melody, lift the handset and press the on-hook switch with your finger. With it pressed, a clip or similar must be inserted into the indicated hole by pressing gently. Each press selects a different melody from 8 available.

ding dong function

The monitor allows you to dispense with the internal doorbell of the house, thus integrating the two calls (exterior panel and home) in a single device. These calls will automatically be differentiated with different melodies and flashes. To have this function, you only have to connect the push button of the interior house to the monitor.

privacy function

The monitor incorporates a privacy mode in which the ringtones are silenced for a specified time. If the privacy mode is active, the monitor flashes the selected time band (1 flash - 2 hours, 2 flashes - 4 hours, 3 flashes - 8 hours). After the selected time band, the monitor automatically returns to standard operation. To activate the privacy mode, press the button for 4 seconds (LED will begin to flash), we will select the desired time band by pressing the button. Each press will activate a different time band among the 3 available.

door sensor function

If a door contact is installed, the monitor allows real-time monitoring of the building entrance. If the door remains open for a period of time longer than that stipulated in the settings, the system sends a visual alarm to all the monitors of the installation that remains active until the door is closed correctly.



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