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Fermax 9695 City Classic 4+N Kit Amplifier

Spare parts amplifier module to be incorporated into CityClassic panels. Compatible with references 98600, 1141, 95161 and 98027.

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Reference fermax-9695
Brand Fermax
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Fermax 9695 City Classic 4+N Kit Amplifier

€55.76 €77.44 Save 28%

Spare parts amplifier module to be incorporated into CityClassic panels. Compatible with references 98600, 1141, 95161 and 98027.

It is the module (speakerphone) that incorporates the electronic circuits necessary for the operation of the audio system in the door entry and video door entry installations, allowing communication with the dwellings, the concierge, the opening of the door, etc ... volume adjustments, both in the street-house and house-street direction, so that the installer can adjust the optimum level.

CityLine Classic is the line of "continuous profile" entrance panels for buildings.

The PLATES are made of anodized aluminum, highly resistant to weathering and climatic changes.

The design of the plate stands out due to its curved-convex profile. A cellular rubber sealing gasket that is included, ensures a perfect connection of the plate to the wall, to avoid water leaks.

Available in various colors: aluminum, gold or bronze and white.

It is possible to combine two or more plates, as long as they are from the same series. To connect them perfectly, a set of spacers must be used for every two plates that are installed between their embedding boxes.

Aluminum color.

Call buttons: metal and rounded in line with the curved profile of the panel.

Pressing the call button is confirmed by an acoustic warning emitted by the amplifier.

Equipped with special silver-plated contacts that provide greater durability.

The pushbuttons include a card holder to house a label with the name of the homeowner and the door number. When you press the illumination key located on the front of the amplifier, a soft light

allows you to view the card holders, even in complete darkness.

Conventional System: uses wires common to the entire installation plus 1 call wire (or call return) per dwelling.

Recommended in buildings of small / medium size (up to 50 neighbors approx.), With several entrances and a concierge center. For urbanizations with general entrance and inner blocks.


- Doorphone: 4 common wires + N (1 call wire per dwelling).

- Video intercom: 7 common wires + 1 video coaxial + N (1 call wire per home).

Maximum distance in the installation depending on the section of the cable used (see manuals



System power:

- Audio: 12 Vac

- Video: 18 Vdc


- standby: 100 mA

- active audio: 180 mA

- Lighting per lamp: 70 mA

IPK Plate-437

Home-street direction audio power: 1W

Audio power street-house direction: 0.15W

Adjustable volume in both directions

Operating temperature: -10 to 60 ºC



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