Analog Audio/Video display Option H30FLEX meter Televes
  • Analog Audio/Video display Option H30FLEX meter Televes

Analogue A/V Display Option Televes

Analog A/V Display Option for H30FLEX / H30Evolution / H30Crystal Meter.

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Analog Audio/Video display Option H30FLEX meter Televes

Analogue A/V Display Option Televes


Analog Audio/Video display Option

H30FLEX / H30Evolution / H30Crystal meter

The new option sets up an audio/video signal input using an USB 2.0 adapter, which digitizes the analog video input signals.

Installations of video surveillance systems are increasing due to their lower prices and the possibility of reusing existing cable facilities. Maintenance and installation of this equipment is usually carried out by telecommunications professional technicians. For this reason, this option is specially focused on monitoring and verifying the right functioning of surveillance analog cameras.

For the implementation of this solution, meters add a new software option and an USB video capture converter with Audio, Video and CVBS input connectors. They also include an USB 2.0 to Mini-USB adapter to connect the converter with the meter input interface.


  • Camera mode: It is necessary to enter in the Camera mode of the meter menu to start the displaying.
  • Protective sleeve: The protective sleeve has been redesigned in order to carry the adapter. With this new design it is also possible to have the adapter always connected to the mini-USB input interface. Thanks to this implementation, a technician just only has to connect the video/audio input connector to the camera and activate the camera mode in the menu.

Main features

  • Supported input interfaces are:

A/V connector 1: RCA compuesto (yellow for composite video, and white and red for stereo audio)

A/V connector 2: S-Video

  • The next video formats can all be displayed:

NTSC: 720x480 @ 30fps

PAL: 720x576 @ 25fps



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