Softing WireXpert 4500 LAN copper and fiber cable certifier - Class D, E, EA, F, FA and CAT 5, 6, 6A, 7, 7A & 8

The first certifier up to 2500 MHz that supports the new CAT 8 TIA standard and Class I and II of the ISO/IEC draft. The most advanced cable certification for all standards: Class D/E/EA/F/FA, CAT 5/5e/6/6A/7/7A and the new CAT 8 Class I and II standard from the ISO/IEC draft. CAT6A self test in less than 9 seconds.

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Softing WireXpert 4500 LAN copper and fiber cable certifier - Class D, E, EA, F, FA and CAT 5, 6, 6A, 7, 7A & 8



  • The first certifier up to 2500 MHz that supports the new CAT 8 TIA standard and Class I and II of the ISO / IEC draft.
  • The most advanced cable certification for all standards: Class D / E / EA / F / FA, CAT 5 / 5e / 6 / 6A / 7 / 7A and the new CAT 8 Class I and II standard from the ISO / IEC draft.
  • CAT6A self test in less than 9 seconds.
  • Accuracy independently verified by ETL.
  • Exceeds ISO level VI (draft) V and IV, IIIe and 2G TIA level IIIe accuracy requirements.
  • Endorsed by more than 20 cable manufacturers worldwide.
  • Expandable with many options for patch cord testing, Industrial Ethernet, Coax, Fiber, MPO ...
  • Allows expanded certifications for 850/1300 nm Multimode and 1310/1550 nm Singlemode fiber optics.
  • First MPO fiber certifier for Data Center.
  • Generation of reports and documentation of the wiring.
  • Label generation on PC using the LBT system (50% time saving).
  • The only certifier that meets the necessary requirements to certify Data Centers, buildings and industrial Ethernet.


  • LOCAL and REMOTE unit
  • 2x Li-Ion batteries
  • 2x Lanyard touch screen marker pen
  • 2x display covers with magnet fixing
  • 2x Permanent Link adapters up to CAT 6A
  • 2x Permanent Link test hoses up to CAT 6A
  • 2x Channel adapters up to CAT 6A
  • 1 x USB Pen Drive with manual and eXport Software
  • 2x intercom headset
  • 2x AC power adapters
  • 2x power cords
  • Calibration certificates
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carry bag


Softing introduced the WireXpert 4500 model in 2010. The CAT8 standard as it is known today did not yet exist, but the WX4500 was already prepared to certify up to the frequency range and level of precision that the CAT8 would require.

WireXpert, with an unmatched measurement range of 2500 MHz, is the first cabling certifier with the ability to certify with the highest performance in network cabling systems and enterprise data centers. Cable installers can dramatically increase productivity with test speed and ease of use from the industry's technology leader. With the ability to perform Class FA and CAT8 copper cable certification testing as well as MPO, SM, MM MMEF fiber optic cabling, WireXpert is ready for 40G and higher speeds.

Two identical screens, one on each device, LOCAL and REMOTE

Having a graphic display at each end (DCS system patented by Softing), allows to see the information of the results at both ends. In case the certification is done by a single technician, the double screen will allow you to see if there are any defects when doing the certification, both at the LOCAL and REMOTE ends. For example, the Wiremap shows that there is an open thread on the remote. In a traditional certifier the wiremap can only be seen if the technician is on the LOCAL side, on the REMOTE side nothing is seen. If the measurement has been started at the REMOTE end, in a traditional certifier it would be necessary to go to the LOCAL unit, see what the fault was, return to the REMOTE unit, check and repair the open wire in the remote socket and start the measurement again .

Conclusion: with WireXpert the technician saves two trips. The certification process is much faster compared to any other certifier.

Touch Screen in LOCAL and REMOTE equipment 

The touch screen allows much more agility of work than the combination of display + physical keys. Access to any option is much more direct and more intuitive. Therefore, the operating speed is much more agile than with a conventional screen + keyboard. In addition WireXpert incorporates a pencil to make it more comfortable to press.

Fault Locator (only in copper models)

Yes, WireXpert also has fault locating functionality using TDX crosstalk-based ekometric testing and TDRL return loss. Today it is mandatory to have this functionality. Location speed is instantaneous and the technician has plenty of information to find out where the problem is in the installation.

Cloud storage via WiFi connection

Apart from two USB and one Ethernet ports, WireXpert can optionally incorporate a WiFi link to download the measurement results via radio. But it is not a simple WiFi interface. Softing offers a cloud storage system in such a way that a company that has several groups of technicians working in parallel, each with their certifiers, can dump the results in parallel in the cloud so that an operator centralizes the reception of results and is responsible for generating the reports of each working group. This optimizes test and reporting time and saves a lot of time. By the way, the cloud offered by Softing becomes the property of the client and does not require additional payments or subscriptions, which in the long run make costs more expensive and less competitive.

Patch cord-based permanent link adapters (only in copper models)

Hose-based permanent link adapters have proven to be the most effective and economical long-term solution. The hose along with the test connector are the most sensitive parts when certifications are made. The connector wears out, but in parallel the cable also suffers and often dies before the connector due to a kink, a stomp, or being caught by a door. The hose is a low cost item that can be replaced without the need to have to change the complete adapter. It is undoubtedly the best option if the accuracy of the measurement is also required to be maintained throughout the frequency range for which it was designed.

Complete range of copper adapters (only in copper models)

Softing has a range with more than 10 adapters only for copper certification applications: adapters up to CAT6A, CAT7, CAT8, coaxial, industrial Ethernet, patch cord certification ... and more than 25 different patch cord types, also specific to certify copper . We are sure that whatever your need for certification, we will have a solution within our range of adapters + hoses.

Complete range of fiber adapters (only in models that measure fiber)

Aside from classic adapters for singlemode and multimode fiber certification (VCSEL and Encircled Flux), Softing also has adapters for certification of MPO / MTP connectors (Softing was the first manufacturer to have it). Of course we also have an adapter that converts WireXpert into a microscope for viewing and checking the state of the ferrule surface of fiber optic connectors.

Hierarchical generation of cable labeling (Label Based Test)

When it comes time to certify the cables installed in a building, you have to name each of the cables that are tested. Without a name that clearly defines the location of the link to be certified, the result can be chaotic. WireXpert implements various naming systems for each of the cables based on various standards. A very basic system is also included in which the number of the cable to be measured is automatically increased. However, when all the links in a building have to be certified, one cannot go to the field to certify without the duties done by the technical office. There are many points to measure and in the field you cannot waste time doing this administrative work. WireXpert has the eXport application that runs on PC and that allows the name of all the points to be certified in the building to be generated in a structured way. With this application hundreds of points can be tagged in a few minutes.

Industrial network certification (only in copper models)

 WireXpert enables the certification of industrial networks using patch cords with combinations of TERA, M12 X and MD12 D connectors. Both industrial adapters and specific patch cords and E2E test limits are available within the range of solutions offered by Softing. WireXpert can certify any combination of segments used to build E2E link.

Certification of finished links in male connector (only in copper models)

WireXpert can also certify links that are terminated in a male connector. Such is the case of links that end in an industrial or household device that has to be permanently connected, for example remotely controlled lights, or surveillance cameras. To certify these networks, it is necessary to use a permanent link adapter at one end and a patch cord adapter. For these certifications, it is necessary to use the specific limits for this type of installation (plug-in modular link limits, MPTL).

WireXpert Support Program

To protect the investment made in a cable certifier, occasional maintenance is necessary. If you use your WireXpert continuously and are concerned about possible downtime that may occur, we now make the XpertCare support program available to you. XpertCare offers you much more than the standard warranty, so you can protect your investment in the best possible way.

Report generation

The free eXport application delivered with WireXpert allows you to quickly generate a detailed or summary report of the certifications carried out. In this link you can download examples of generated reports.



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