Vonets VAR5G: Smart WiFi Repeater
  • Vonets VAR5G: Smart WiFi Repeater

Vonets VAR11N-300: Mini WiFi Router 300Mbps

VAR11N-300 is a professional WiFi mini repeater, and together with the mini WiFi repeater and the intelligent WiFi bridge that is developed and developed by HouTian Network, the original creation D / A compensated the automatic frequency control (TAFC) technology.

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Vonets VAR5G: Smart WiFi Repeater

Vonets VAR11N-300: Mini WiFi Router 300Mbps


VAR11N-300 is the professional Mini WiFi repeater, and together with mini WiFi router and WiFi intelligent bridge that is elaborately developed by HouTian Network, the original creation D/A temperature compensated auto frequency control technology (TAFC), it solves the common failing of the traditional WiFi router or WiFi products that easily drop the network, the lasting stability ensure that the WiFi signal is not dropped. It is as an ecology and safe WiFi repeater. It is different from the traditional method that use increased the wireless transmitter power (it will generate a strong harmful radiation) to expand the distance of wireless transmission, but in WiFi signal coverage of failure point, place this device as a WiFi signal repeater to re-enlarge the weak WiFi signal, and during not increasing the wireless transmitter power, expand WiFi signal coverage, safe and ecology, it is very useful for home or office safe WiFi signal coverage.

VAR11N-300 is a plug and play Mini WiFi router and WiFi bridge. On business trip and traveling stay at hotel, you just connect the Ethernet cable in the hotel room to Ethernet port of VAR11N-300, then connect power supply, the whole room is Wi-Fi wireless coverage. Now, you can take out your mobile phone, PAD and other devices that support Wi-Fi, then get Wireless internet at anywhere of the room, no need any settings.

Simple and generous square shell design, superior shell technique, white, exquisite small, elegant and graceful. Orange and fluorescent clear blue LEDs are not only to show the immediate connection of the status of the device, also add the beauty of science and technology of product appearance.

In software operation, HouTian Network insists simple and humanized design, abandons the the complicate parameters and operations of traditional wifi router, also supports two configure mode IE browser configuration and PC dedicated software configuration (no need IP connection), the procedure is so clear and concise, without redundancy, greatly facilitates the use of different levels of users.


  • Adopt the original creation D/A temperature compensated auto frequency control technology (TAFC),  the lasting stability ensure that the WiFi signal is not dropped
  • Original creation VDNS virtual domain configuration technology solves the user’s trouble of configuration.
  • The smallest WiFi router, its size is less than one-half of the Bank card, very useful for both business trip and household.
  • Supply power by USB (DC5V)
  • Low power, the whole power supply less than 4W.
  • Dedicated power supply cable together with Ethernet cable two in one cable connector, reduce redundant connector, convenient for usage.   
  • In WiFi intelligent bridge mode, it can intelligent control the device WiFi mode:
    • WiFi AP Client (it can be used for access from WiFi to wired Ethernet)
    • WiFi Hotspot (it is suitable for hotel room usage)
    • WiFi Repeater (it can extend the distance of WiFi signal coverage, ecology and safe)
  • In WiFi intelligent bridge mode, it supports WiFi hot spot scan automatically and WiFi hot spot memory function.
  • 1 WAN, 1 LAN, two ports can interchangeable, such small volume has two ports, so unusual.
  • Support 802.11N WiFi transfer protocol, 300Mbps rate of transmission
  • Good compatibility, almost compatible with all of the smart phone, tablet computer, notebook and WiFi devices.


Hardware Specification

Protocol Standard

IEEE 802.11g. IEEE 802.11b. IEEE 802.11n

Transmission Rate




1 10/100M adaptive Ethernet female port

1 dedicated two in one power supply cable, with a set of power

supply and a set of 10/100M adaptive Ethernet cable

Ethernet cable and Ethernet LAN/WAN interchangeable


Reset button (Long press)


Status instruction:

Ethernet port status Light

ethernet cable status Light

work mode status Light

WiFi status Light


 Built-in Intelligent Omnidirectional antenna


 44mm x 44mm x 14mm(L x W x H)


Wireless Related

Basic Function


Wireless Switch

SSID Broadcast switch

Channel option: 1-14

WiFi mode option: 802. 11n only, 802.11 B/G/n mixed, 802.11

B/G mixed, 802.11G only, 802.11B only.

WiFi Hotspot scan automatically

WiFi Hotspot memory

Working Mode


WiFi Intelligent bridge mode:

AP Station mode (WiFi hotspot), suitable for hotel room usage

AP Client mode (WiFi client), suitable for IP TV, STBs.

Repeater mode (WiFi signal repeat), it can extand the

distance of WiFi transfer

WiFi router mode

Wireless security


WiFi MAC address filter

WiFi Security function switch

64/128/WEP encryption

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK、WPA/WPA2 security mechanism


Wired Related

WAN port Setting


WiFi router mode:

      WAN port connection type support: PPPoE, Dynamatic IP, Static IP,

      L2TP, PPTP

      DDNS Client



WiFi router mode:

IP and MAC address binding against ARP attacks (WiFi router

mode support)

IP address filter (WiFi router mode support)

Domain filter (WiFi router mode support)

Mac address filter

Forward rules


Port forwarding (WiFi router mode support)

Virtual Service (WiFi router mode support)

DMZ Host

System function

Firmware upgrade

Device reboot

Reset factory

Administrate account and password revise



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