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Streamer with remultiplexing DVBT/T2 - IP, with CI Re-encryption Pro: Idiom for DRM solution Televes

Streamer that generates an encapsulated IP output, from the multiplexing of services available in 4 DVB-T or DVB-T2 muxes. Through the CI interface and the corresponding CAM module, the encrypted satellite channels are transformed into free IP services. Depending on the CAM used (standard / professional), one or more services can be opened for open viewing.

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Streamer with remultiplexing DVBT/T2 - IP, with CI Re-encryption Pro: Idiom for DRM solution Televes

€1,471.54 €2,263.91 Save 35%

Streamer generating an IP encapsulated output from the multiplexing of the services available in 4 different DVB-T or DVB-T2 muxes.

The encrypted channels are transformed into free IP services through the CI interface and the appropriate CAM module. Depending on the CAM type used (standard/professional), one or several services may be opened for free visualization.

The module allows to re-encrypt the decrypted IP services with the CAM, with a DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution for a secure content distribution.

The system will encompass a power supply and some streamer modules depending on the number of services to be distributed.


  • 32 IP streams SPTS
  • DiSEqC 1.0 for multiswitches control
  • Service decryption by insertion of a PCMCIA module
  • Outbound IP streaming encryption with DRM solutions (Pro: Idiom)
  • Access to the headend configuration through a self-created WiFi network (using the kit with ref.216802)
  • Internal switch for IP out Daisy chain of serveral modules
  • Embedded user web interface for module configuration:
  • Configuration of the entire headend selecting one of the module as a master
  • Automatic detection of the modules that are connected to the master
  • Cloning function to replicate configurations between modules and headends

Main features

  • Selection of services among the 4 input muxes to distribute in streaming
  • Provides flow information of each service to estimate the global output flow of the module
  • Device monitoring and signal status LEDs


Frecuencia de entrada MHz 150...862
Pasos de frecuencia kHz 125, 166 (Selec.)
Conectores de entrada y salida “F” hembra
Impedancia de entrada Ω 75
Alimentación preamplificadores/previos Vdc 0, 12, 24 (Selec.)
Nivel de entrada dBm -60 a -20
Pérdidas de paso (típ.) dB < 1,5
Ancho de banda DVB-T MHz 6, 7, 8
DVB-T2 1.7, 5, 6, 7, 8
ROE de entrada dB 10
SALIDA IP Modo Multicast/Unicast
Formato SPTS
Protocolo IPv4, UDP, DHCP
Número de servicios IP Máx. 32 (unencrypted)
Máx. 8 (Pro:Idiom DRM)
Conectores 2 X RJ45 (1 GB Ethernet 1000 BaseT)
GENERAL Consumo corriente 24Vdc (Base+CAM+Previo) mA 700 (500+100+100)
Índice protección IP IP20
Rango de temeperatura ºC 0...45



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