• TRIS-202FIN
  • TRIS-202FIN

Galvanic isolator 2 Outputs without filter profile, 1 5-1000 MHz 4.0 dB. TRIS-2002FIN

Isolators are used to separate the installations in the home or subscriber equipment from the cable television network. They prevent dangerous voltages from being transferred to the premises in the home.

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Reference TRIS-2002FIN
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Galvanic isolator 2 Outputs without filter profile, 1 5-1000 MHz 4.0 dB. TRIS-2002FIN


TRIS-2002FIN fully isolated wall outlet

  • Dual output isolator
  • Ingress Safe ™ - unique passive ingress reduction technology
  • Modem Safe ™ surge protection and intermodulation reduction solution
  • CPD Safe ™ - silver plated, zinc alloy casing and NiSn plated, machined brass input connector with silver plated F-inner spring
  • Diplex fi lters for low loss
  • Good intermodulation performance
  • Low leakage current


Isolators (frequently referred to as system outlets) are used to separate in-home installations or subscriber equipment from the CATV network. They prevent hazardous voltages from being transferred to in-home installations.

Technetix supplies two main types of isolator - fully and semi-isolated system outlets. The TRIS series comprises fully isolated system outlets developed to meet the needs of the European market. They incorporate high voltage capacitors that provide isolation to both the inner and the outer conductors of the coaxial connectors. There are a variety of one, two and three port isolators in the TRIS series as well as many accessories such as ABS housings, adaptor plates and push-on fi lters.

The TRIS-202FIN dual output isolator has a silver plated, zinc die-cast housing and a NiSn plated, machined brass input connector. The inner spring of the connector has been designed to accept coax cables with an inner conductor of between 0.51 and 1.20 mm. It retains this elasticity and provides effective clamping force even when varying thicknesses of inner conductor are connected in succession.

Ingress Safe

Our patented Ingress Safe technology uses a phase cancellation technique to considerably reduce ingress created within the home. It has no adverse effect on the CATV spectrum and is transparent to the forward and reverse path signals.

  • Significantly reduces noise on CATV networks, improving network performance.
  • Field tests show Ingress Safe units in the distribution network can deliver improvement in the carrier to noise ratio that averages from between 3 dB and 12 dB, depending on the network topology.
  • Prevents or delays the need to deploy technicians to rectify faults caused by the cumulative effects of ingress on network performance and customer service.

Modem Safe

Modem Safe is a highly effective surge protection solution for sensitive network and in-home CPE. Based on passive circuits, the technology does not rely on discharge tubes, extending the lifespan of the solution.

  • Blocks high and low voltage pulses and unwanted DC voltages
  • Prevents internal ferrites within the product from becoming magnetised (avoiding deterioration in the performance of CPE)
  • Drives fewer reported faults
  • Improves customer service
  • Reduces truck rolls

CPD Safe

CPD (Common Path Distortion) is well known for producing signal interference on networks. It is caused by electrolytic corrosion or the oxidisation of dissimilar metals when in close contact. CPD Safe technology protects against CPD:

  • Removes a primary cause of CPD
  • Reduces signal interference on the network
  • Drives fewer reported faults
  • Reduces truck rolls
  • Improves customer service



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