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Vonets VRP150 Mini 3G Router with repeater function.

The VRP150 is a mini 3G router with Wifi N repeater function of 150Mbps in very small size. VRP150 acts as a WiFi signal repeater in a fast and secure way or as a mobile charger.

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Vonets VRP150 Mini 3G Router with repeater function.

€21.76 €31.08 Save 30%


The VRP150 is a 3G minirouter with Wifi N repeater function of 150Mbps has a very small size with D / A Temperature compensation technology with auto frequency control solves the common error of conventional Wi-Fi routers or bridges that easily lose network connection, with the VRP150 a lasting stability is ensured. It is based on the IEEE 802.11n standard, can also extend the range of your Wi-Fi network, offers stable transmission of up to 150 Mbps, is also compatible with standard IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g.

VRP150 acts as a WiFi signal repeater in a fast and secure way. When working in the repeater mode, VRP150 duplicates the original coverage of the Wi-Fi signal, and guarantees the security of the wireless signal, it is recommended to use it in the following way: put it within the limits of your Wi-Fi coverage, Connecting to your wifi hotspot network and activating "repeater mode", the VRP150 is able to receive a weak WiFi signal, and increase its power stably and securely, to achieve twice the distance of signal coverage. This is very different from a traditional wireless signal amplifier that only amplifies the signal and ignores wireless security.

VRP150 is a plug and play 3G wireless mini router, through an external 3G Stick / USB, it will automatically connect to the 3G wireless data network of your ISP provider, and without any configuration, creating a 3G WiFi network, for what more than one person at the same time can enjoy the connection.

The VRP150 has 3 functions:

  1. Connecting the VRP150 to a socket and a 3G USB / dongle to enjoy Wifi connection
  2. To use it from USB charger
  3. It can be configured to connect to a Wi-Fi network and make repeater doubling the Wi-Fi coverage of your network.


  • Professional intelligent WiFi repeater, with 3G router function
  • WiFi intelligent repeater mode, supports WiFi access points scanning and automatic memory.
  • 2A charging function, automatically adapt to the smart mobile phone and tablet
  • Support WEB update online firmware, you can get the latest firmware version completely free
  • Support for local web management, configuration interface in Chinese and English
  • Detachable power supply, Prepared for home, car, laptop and other environments
  • Can be used as a portable USB feeder
  • IPMP virtual domain creation original configuration technology
  • Supports the connection of more than 20 WiFi terminals at the same time
  • Support WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK, security mechanism 64/128 / WEP
  • Support 802.11n WiFi transmission protocol, 150 Mbps transmission speed
  • The transmission distance (without obstacles): 100m



Protocol Standard

IEEE 802.11g?IEEE 802.11b?IEEE 802.11n

Rate of transmission



1 USB and 2.0 port,connect USB 3G network cards or external charging;


Reset button (press 5 Seconds)


Wireless switch;


Status instruction:

Power state(blue light);

WiFi connection state(light green for success);


2dB external antenna


53mm x 40mm x 26.7mm(L x W x H)

Wireless Related

Basic functions

Channel option: 1-14

WiFi Hotspot scan automatically

WiFi Hotspot memory

Working Mode


WiFi Intelligent bridge mode:

   Repeater mode (WiFi signal repeat), it can extend the distance  of WiFi  


3G router mode;

   Plug and play,no need to configure anything, automatically  

   connect 3G wireless date network;

Wireless security


64/128/WEP encryption

WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK?WPA/WPA2 security mechanism

System function


Restart device

Reset factory

Administrate account and password revise

Firmware upgrade



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