Accepting orders from Orbita Digital means you agree to the following conditions of sale.


Orbita Digital (Conexion B2B 2005,S.L.) NIF ES B74173303

c/ Dr. Francisco Grande Covian, 3. Bajo

33011 Oviedo - Asturias - España

Tlfno: (+34) 91 00 52 331 / 985 28 82 82

Fax:  (+34) 984 05 19 66


1. The prices shown in this price list are recommended prices, VAT included, except in countries or provinces where such tax is exempt in that case after the registration and login will display the prices without taxes. And are valid except market fluctuations or typographical errors.
Two. Orbit Digital reserves the right to change the prices and features of products without prior notice.
Three. Transportation in Spain, Portugal and Andorra: The goods will be sent from our postage due always, except orders over 50 euros for end customers and 300 euro for professional clients, which will be available in Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra and the rest according to tariff. There products by size, weight or volumetric as antennas, mounts, etc ... that can take any supplement that will be communicated prior to sending the goods to the customer or we reserve the right to cancel the order if the agency does not allow the shipment or expenses are excessive in which case credit the full amount of the purchase. The delivery time of the goods may differ in transport agency chosen and the availability of the product in our store, if there is any delay, always tell you in no later than 24/48 hours for the customer may cancel such request without any kind of penalty. Digital Orbit in no event is liable for any delays you may have chosen the freight.

International Shipping: Shipments will be by Parcel Post, UPS, Fedex or other company, no shipments are made outside the EU of products of large volume or weight, such as antennas, mounts, masts, receivers, etc ... if so, we reserve the right to cancel this order and refund the amount paid integrates. Digital Orbit in no event is liable for any delays you may have chosen the freight.

Customs charges: Shipments iran always accompanied by an invoice for your order, in countries or provinces where they have clearance as the Canary Islands or countries that are not EU members, the customer always will run all costs (tariffs, offices ) or taxes (VAT, igic or similar) that need to receive your order. Orbit Digital disclaims all liability in this regard.

4. The recipient will take steps with the carrier at the time of receiving the goods and, in the case of loss or damage caused to the goods, the carrier shall state at the moment of delivery, followed warned to act in a Digital Orbit within 48 hours.
5. Orbit Digital reserves full ownership of the goods until the buyer has fully paid the agreed amount.
6. Payment terms are agreed with the customer and confirmed in writing.
7. The warranty is 2 years to the end user, except products whose description indicates otherwise, not be covered for damage caused by misuse, improper installation, or other weather damage.

The cost of shipping the defective product under warranty until our facilities are borne by the customer and return shipping by Orbit Digital, in the event that the product does not present any fault or problem, you must pay all shipping and management of the same, according to current rates.

8. For any matters relating to the enforcement or interpretation of the contract or its effects, the parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply, subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of our registered office.
9. Returns if a customer is not satisfied with the product you have 14 days from receipt of the goods to make the repayment without penalty of any kind. No returns will be made without prior authorization from Orbit Digital and in that case the shipping charges shall be charged to the customer.
For the purposes of approval of the goods must be in perfect working condition and original packaging with all accessories, seals, batteries, etc. .., but these conditions are met, it will proceed to the payment of the invoice. Manure be discounted initial shipping invoice listed, for being free postage fee is deducted according to regulations.

The following terms of sale apply to sales transactions between Orbit Digital and its clients (individuals, dealers, companies, ...).

The ordering customer is aware of claims that the terms of the General Conditions of Sale and agrees to comply. Only accept modifications to the Terms and Conditions if they have the consent of both parties in writing and signed by representatives with sufficient powers.

No refunds / exchanges of cards or receivers with subscriptions of channels, PCMCIAS, hard disks, batteries, mobiles, professional equipment for measurement or installation, such as field meters, fiber fusion, oscilloscopes, digital headers, etc. ....



ACCEPT VISA AND MASTERCARD EURO! Fill out the online form on our website and choose as payment Credit Card You will be redirected to the secure server of La Caixa, where you fill in your card details, is absolutely secure Verified by VISA (only accept secure card). What does securize (3Dsecure) my card? With Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication is achieved when purchasing holder, ie the customer is identified as the legitimate holder of the card being used. Accordingly, during the checkout process, which will perform similarly to the present, will be presented with a page to enter an authentication key. Thus, when the transaction is processed, you can ensure that the user of the card is the rightful owner of the same. To use this method of payment, the holder must register with the appropriate service through your bank.


Can the Bank transfer / Cash deposit at your branch or through your Online Bank after filling the online form on the Web and have received our order confirmation with the exact amount to be transferred and order number. DO NOT FORGET TO PUT YOUR NAME IN THE BANK TRANSFER! Then we send the receipt via fax or send us an email notifying the same to expedite your shipment. FAX: 984051966 or e


Without introducing bank / Wage data up to 7 days after shipping.

We send the products and will pay up to 7 days after shipping. In this way we eliminate any distrust in our shop or our products. Also you do not have to enter card details. After that period you must pay your purchase by bank transfer, deposit account or card (+ 1 €). This service is offered in collaboration with SeQura: Available for shipments in Spain up to 400 €. Subject to the approval of SeQura

3, 6 or 12 months without interest or paperwork, SeQura immediate approval.

Pay your purchase in easy installments of 3, 6 or 12 months (3-12 cost € / fee depending on the amount of the order). Pay 25% of the order card at the time of purchase and the remainder is charged automatically by the deadlines specified by the customer is made. The approval of funding entirely online is done without slow forms, paperwork or steps by the customer. Funding is provided by SeQura: Available for shipments in Spain. Subject to the approval of SeQura.


You can pay your purchase using both methods of payment, these can carry a price premium that is charged by Paypal or transport agency and will be reflected in your shopping cart before you finalize your order, puediendo change or cancel it at any time.

DO NOT forget to put your order number and full name on the receipt, is required

2. Shipping Method

Upon shipping Urgent (24h transport agency peninsula, 48h agency transport Islas Baleares, 48 / 72h peninsula y Correos Andorra, 48 / 72h Correos Balearic Islands, Portugal 48/72 hours, 3/4 days rest of europe, 5/7 Correos days Canarias, Ceuta y Melilla, 48 / 72h ASM Canarias) by her agency transportation system, Chronoexprés, Tourline, Correos, ASM, UPS, Fedex. Digital orbits in responsable es ni la It ensures delivery los productos en los plazos indicated cuando el error es la agencia because of transport.

No Will ship on Saturdays, Sundays or national holidays or local.
The goods will be sent in the next 24/48h after receiving the payment, this time may vary depending on availability and stock of the product, if the longer period would be notified of this delay, in which case of not wanting entitled to expect to be paid the full amount of your purchase, without penalty.

No shipments will be made ISLANDS, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra and other countries outside the EU of parabolic or other large objects or weight because they exceed the limits allowed by the transport agency, see before buying to be sure these limitations puts the freight and Digital Orbit disclaims any RESPONSIBILITY and if it were the case may cancel the order prior customer communication.

Some products by volumetry can have an extra in transport for deliveries to the Balearic Islands or other countries, these would be communicated to the customer before shipping, it can cancel it without penalty of any type and full refund of the purchase amount.

Orbit Digital telephone the contractor to confirm the order, if the contractor is not located the order will not be shipped for safety.

ORBIT DIGITAL reserves the right to vary the type of delivery and the company for which payment shall, regardless of what transpired in these pages, provided that any way be detrimental to the client

Should the client wish to confirm it can do so by sending an email to

Prices and texts published on page are subject to change without notice, including technical specifications. It is the obligation of the customer to check the merchandise is delivered. Only allowed claims within 24 hours of delivery. After this time no claims or changes.
In case of default of the product changes the contractor will send the defective product assuming spending shipment to the following address:

Orbit Digital
C / Doctor Francisco Grande Covián, No. 4 under

33011 Oviedo (Asturias) - SPAIN

Orbit Digital assume only the cost of shipping the new product, for any shipping problem is assumed by the buyer.
The risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the customer from the time delivery occurs in the customer's home.
Orbit Digital is not responsible in any way for the misuse of the product and the damage caused by the misuse of the same.
If the shipment is refused by the consignee / customer for reasons beyond Orbit Digital, that entity may claim the shipping to the recipient of it, forcing it to pay total shipping costs incurred.

ORBITADIGITAL.COM reserves the right to send a different product to the one in the picture provided in ORBITADIGITAL.COM but with equal performance to the product requested by the customer due to possible updates from the manufacturer.

Only order cancellations be accepted by sending an email to and this may only be canceled if not yet proceeded to shipment. In case you have already been sent Digital Orbit accept collect back the product, but shipping costs will be assumed by the customer / buyer whose data are included in the purchase order.

The obligation of the buyer / customer is sure that the product you want is requested and in case of doubt on it is the duty of the buyer / customer contact Orbit Digital sending a message from our contact form to inquire about the product before purchase.

Should Digital Orbita accept change their product with a different, well paid or collect the difference between products, the customer will pay the cost of transporting the product collection according to standard rate, except that the client makes the shipping at your own risk.

The guarantee is to change the product with the same in case of manufacturing defect or damage caused by transportation. In case of not having the same Orbit Digital product by a similar change. Digital Orbita never be liable for any damages arising from the use of our products in the terminals or other client devices in any case would be responsible for the product manufacturer as Orbit Digital is a mere distributor.

ANNEX: The warranty will be invalidated if fully handling by the buyer either physically or with software / firmware not original.



The following terms of sale apply to all sales made by ORBIT DIGITAL. None of the following conditions affects people's real rights. Read this document and print if you want a copy of it for future reference. The placing of an order to ORBIT DIGITAL assumes you have read and accepted the terms of sale. Submitting your order is subject to acceptance of this by ORBIT DIGITAL and DIGITAL ORBIT stock availability does not sell illegal products, the products in this website are not valid to view satellite pay channels without subscription to those channels. DIGITAL ORBIT warns that the fraudulent use of any product to decode channels within the European community is illegal and as such, is an offense that will be prosecuted by the State Security Forces. DIGITAL ORBIT not responsible for any use which give users the products. Not respond to any email or call regarding this issue since ORBIT DIGITAL unknown and disapprove any fraudulent use of the products purchased. We do not give information or support illegal software, illegal programs, or pirate cards. It is illegal to decrypt pay channels in countries where you can subscribe to these channels and throughout the European Community. We do not sell pirated cards or pirate decoders. Please respect the laws ..


Prices include VAT. Prices may vary without notice ORBIT DIGITAL keep all your data in a safe place and away from others (as required by law).


DIGITAL ORBIT send all orders by SEUR RUSH SERVICE AGENCY OR OTHER AGENCIES. Shipping charges and expenses arising from the shipment of the order, in any case always be paid by the buyer. Delivery of the goods at the buyer's own home, as chosen mode. Delivery will be made during the next 48 hours as long as the products purchased are in stock, if not, your order may be delayed between 4 and 8 days. All shipments insured traveling.


The warranty does not apply to faults or defects caused by accident, neglect or misuse of the product. Manipulation or variation of any product welding, wiring, adding, CHANGE FIRMWARE, components, etc. ... void the warranty. Exempted from the batteries warranty equipment.

In case of dispute, the contracting parties shall submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Oviedo expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, assuming the party in breach of contract and extra-legal expenses resulting from the claim expenses including lawyers, solicitors, etc.

8. DATA SECURITY ASSURANCE guarantees the security and confidentiality in all communications with clients.

All payment transactions are conducted online through a secure server based on the SSL standard, which protects data against third party attempted rape. The purchase process data stored in a database designed for this purpose. ORBITADIGITAL.COM guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal data, addresses, payment and otherwise provided by our clients in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Data Personal.

All information provided by our customers ORBITADIGITAL.COM or its employees, be included in an automated file of personal data created and maintained under the responsibility of ORBITADIGITAL.COM, in order to meet orders and process them in satisfactorily.

In compliance with the provisions of Article 5 of the same legal principle ORBITADIGITAL.COM customers may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data by writing to ORBIT DIGITAL, C / Doctor Francisco Grande Covián, No. 4 under, 33011 Oviedo (Asturias).

In the event that the information supplied is associated with a purchase, the Spanish legislation obliges us to maintain at least five years, so that can not be erased or rectified, although block (cancel), even though the client well request.