If you do not meet the following requirements, we will not be able to accept your request and could incur some expense for you. Entering here you have the general conditions in case you want to expand this information.

Withdrawal (refund)

  1. You must have completed the request within 14 calendar days after receiving the package. You have more information in the General Conditions.
  2. The product must be in perfect condition, without scratches, wear or breaks and with all accessories, packaging, boxes and seals, any product that does not meet these requirements may suffer a depreciation that will be discounted from its value.
  3. In the case of equipment with software/firmware it is essential that they have the original factory firmware.
  4. The cost of shipping the product to be returned to our facilities will be borne by the customer, we offer an optional home pick-up service only for customers from Spain Peninsula, it has a cost of 7.60 euros, which may be a higher value depending on the weight and/or or volume.
  5. There are 2 withdrawal methods (return):
    1. Through our website (recommended method) click HERE to open see the steps to carry out the return process through our website.
    2. Through the withdrawal form you can download the document HERE fill it out, sign it and scan it and finally send the request to our email
  6. Click HERE to see how I have to send the product.

Warranty repairs:

  1. You must have made the request within 2 years from delivery and within a maximum period of two months from the knowledge of the defect. You have more information in the General Conditions.
  2. The guarantee does not cover faults or damages caused by misuse of the product, surges, manipulation or blocking of software/firmware or any other that is not a defect or manufacturing failure. Wear products such as batteries, remote controls, etc. The warranty is only 1 year.
  3. If a product is sent for repair and it does not present any operational problem, the customer would have to pay the shipping and return costs, as well as the technical service labor at the current rate.
  4. It is essential that the product contains everything necessary to be reviewed by the technical department, such as the remote control, power supply, etc.
  5. Click HERE for steps to perform a warranty repair.
  6. Click HERE to see how I have to send the product.