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  • UNIX52 Antena UHF con filtro LTE Triax con 52 elementos para C21 / C60 (G- 14,5 dB)

UNIX100 UHF antenna with LTE filter with 100 elements for C21 / C60 (G-13-17 dB) Triax

UHF antenna with 100-element LTE filter for C21 / C60 (Gain 13 - 17 dB)

Triax UNIX100

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UNIX100 UHF antenna with LTE filter with 100 elements for C21 / C60 (G-13-17 dB) Triax

€75.09 €119.19 Save 37%

UNIX100 UHF antenna with LTE Triax filter with 100 elements for C21 / C60 (G-13-17 dB)

Get ready for the Digital Dividend!

LTE protected by Triax

The LTE / 4G signals are already here, these will negatively affect the television signal, so we have to be prepared and install filter systems to improve our DTT signals avoiding interference and signal problems improving the image quality.

Download this document about everything you need to prepare for the Digital Dividend



Band BIV/V
Frequency range UHF 470...790 MHz
Channels 21...60
Gain @ 474 MHz (Ch. 21) 13 dBi
Gain @ 538 MHz (Ch. 29) 16 dBi
Gain @ 602 MHz (Ch. 45) 16.5 dBi
Gain @ 730 MHz (Ch. 53) 17 dBi
Gain @ 786 MHz (Ch. 60) 14.5 dBi
Rejection @ 821 MHz (LTE D6) 2.0 dB
Rejection @ 832 MHz (LTE U1) 5.0 dB
Rejection @ 862 MHz (LTE U6) 10.0 dB
Front to back ratio - horisontal 27 dB
Impedance 75 Ω
Connector Type F-female
Elements 100
Windload 162 N
Beamwidth horisontal ± 11 °
Bracketry Mast - backmounting
Material Aluminium
Individual brown box yes
Length (mm) 2257 mm
Width (mm) 500 mm
Packaging Volume 0,044 m3
Net Weight 2,700 kg
Tara Weight 0,300 kg
Total Weight 3,000 kg
Packaging Height 0,095 m
Packaging Width 0,450 m
Packaging Depth 1,030 m



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You cant get this in the UK anymore (according to the Triax rep) due to LTE800/700 clearance and Orbita were prepared to deliver. While the digital channels are being moved around , if you need to receive channels both at low (eg30) and high (eg59/60) frequencies, especially if some are at 10% TX power (winter hill), then this is the daddy as some other aerials and equipment state LTE800 but actually limit at ch58/59.