Lapara UPS Online 10000VA 10KVA LCD

The sai of the lapara ON-LCD series represents the most reliable solution to protect critical loads against all types of power grid disturbances. It accepts a wide input voltage so it can work under harsh conditions. It is perfect to protect servers and workstations.

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Reference LA-ON-10K-LCD-V.09
Brand Lapara

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It has multiple microprocessor and real double conversion technology, it offers a solid and reliable security option for your most important equipment. Lapara Online series offer capacities from 1000 VA to 10000 VA (1 - 10 KVA) depending on the model, it is sufficient capacity to overcome small power failures or keep the company running during the longest supply failures, until you recover your energy supply.

Thanks to Online technology, which directly supplies power from the UPS, you will always receive a stable and clean signal and will not suffer losses due to internal supply changes between the network and the UPS. If you do not use your own generators, the included software is able, in the event of a prolonged network failure, to protect your servers by safely shutting them down.

The software allows to establish appropriate protection profiles for each device that connects to the UPS. The online double conversion technology guarantees that the connected devices will be protected against overloads and fluctuations in the electricity network at all times. The Sais Online Lapara series are perfect for protecting servers and workstations.

Authentic double conversion

- Guarantees that the connected devices will be safe at all times from overloads and fluctuations of the power grid

Pure sine wave output design Online

- Provides a reliable and unaltered power supply, filtering the fluctuations of the power grid

Input power correction factor 0.99

- In relation to the current OnLine technologies in the market, these series offer a better input power correction factor up to 0.99

Output Power Factor 0.9

- Compared to the current OnLine technologies on the market, these series offer a better power output factor up to 0.9, this offers greater performance and efficiency for critical applications

Wide input voltage range, 220V systems only (175-290V)

- Wide input range to work in the toughest conditions

Programmable and independent output sockets

- The user can define supply profiles in their output sockets easily and independently, allowing in the event of a network failure, increasing the power supply to critical devices and letting the others turn off.

50 / 60Hz output frequency conversion mode

- Maintains the output frequency at 50 / 60Hz to protect the most sensitive devices

ECO mode for energy saving

- Efficient up to 97% in energy management and consumption

EPO emergency shutdown function

- This function protects personnel and equipment in case of fire or other emergencies

Integrated USB and RS-232 communications port, optional SNMP

- Allows any of the USB or RS-232 communication ports to work simultaneously with the SNMP interface

UPS LED information panel

- A very complete information panel.

Generator compatible

- Sai Online compatible with generator.


  • 10000VA / 9000W


  • Low voltage transfer: 160VAC / 140VAC / 120VAC / 110 VAC +/- 5% (based on 100% load% - 80% / 80% - 70% / 70 - 60% / 60% - 0)
  • Low voltage return: 175 VAC +/- 5%
  • High voltage transfer: 300 VAC +/- 5%
  • High voltage return: 290 VAC +/- 5%
  • Frequency range: 40Hz ~ 70Hz
  • Phase: Single phase with ground
  • Power factor: ≧ 0.99 @ 220-230VAC (input voltage)


  • AC voltage regulation (Battery Mode): +/- 3%
  • Frequency range (synchronized): 47 ~ 53Hz or 57.0 ~ 63.0Hz
  • Frequency range (Battery Mode): 50Hz +/- 0.25Hz or 60Hz +/- 0.3Hz
  • Current crest ratio: 3: 1
  • Harmonic distortion: ≦ 3% THD (linear load) / ≦ 6% THD (non-linear load)
  • Transfer time: AC to battery mode: zero / Inverter to Bypass: 4ms (typical)
  • Wave output: Pure sine wave


  • Battery Type: 12V / 7Ah
  • Number of batteries: 20
  • Recharge time: 7 hours at 90%
  • Load (max.): 1.0 A ± 10% (max)
  • Charging voltage: 273.0 VDC


  • UPS status, charge level, battery level, Input / output voltage, discharge timer and fault conditions

Audible alarms:

  • Battery mode: ringing every 4 seconds
  • Low battery: ringing every second
  • Overload: ringing 2 times per second
  • Fail: continuous sound


  • External socket: 2xIEC + Terminal Block
  • USB ports: 1
  • RS232 ports: 1
  • RJ45 Telephone / Modem / Fax ports: 2 (input / output) protected
  • SNMP Module Bay: 1 (Optional SNMP Module)

Physical data:

  • Net weight: 81 Kg
  • Dimensions (Depth x Width x Height) mm: 592 x 250 x 576 mm


  • Environmental conditions: 20-90% RH @ 0-40 ° C (Non-condensed)
  • Noise level: less than 45 dB at 1 meter

Software Management:

  • Via USB / RS-232: Supports Windows 98 SE / ME / NT 4.x / 2000/2003 / XP / Vista / 2008/7, Linux, Unix and Mac
  • Optional SNMP path: Current management through SNMP manager and web browser


data sheet

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