S-Video to VGA Converter

RCA and SVIDEO to VGA converter. It allows to connect all the outputs in simultaneous. It is powered by USB. Ideal for connecting a PC to a monitor.

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Brand HDTeck

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Power the adapter using the source provided. Connect the RCA, S-Video output of the equipment to be adapted (Camera, video cassette recorder, PS, WII, DVD, etc.). Connect the VGA output to the monitor and enjoy the best image You can adjust position, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, size, sharpness, using the side controls. You can view images of some of the entries while using the computer.


  • Input: RCA, S-Video and VGA.
  • Outputs: VGA.
  • It allows to connect all the outputs in simultaneous.
  • Resolutions: 640x480 800x600, 1021x768 1280x1024.
  • Allows simultaneous images: Ex: TV and Computer.
  • Allows adjustments: position, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness, etc.
  • Multinorm
  • Small and light.


Height 15 cm
Width 22.5 cm
Depth 6.5 cm
Weight 363 gr
Inputs RCA, S-Video and VGA
Outputs VGA

Package content

  • VIDEO2VGA adapter.
  • Power supply.
  • VGA cable
  • RCA cable.
  • S-Video cable



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